You really CAN help choose your baby's gender naturally!!!

Discover effective natural methods of gender selection with a 94% success rate!!! Developed by a midwife and tested on her patients and herself, these methods are natural, effective, and 100% risk-free - no risky and expensive surgeries or lab treatments, and no drugs or douches. Everything written is backed up by logical scientific explanation so you do not need to guess how the theories came about.

"Prince or Princess? Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Conception" compiles her years of research into a reader friendly e-book that includes:

  • the secrets to accurately predicting your baby's gender with up to 94% accuracy

  • true surefire ways to increase your fertility

  • how to calculate your ovulation date and use it to your advantage in baby gender prediction

  • timing of intercourse to ensure you get the baby boy or girl of your dreams

  • secret formula that uses all of the above to ensure you achieve your ideal family

  • and much more...

Learn the 3 steps in choosing your baby's gender prior to conception:

Step #1: Importance of knowing when you are ovulating

As a woman, there are very short periods of time when you are likely to conceive. In these short periods of time, certain factors will decide to whether a boy or a girl is conceived.

It is as simple as this:

If your pH is alkaline you are much more likely to have a boy.
If your pH is acidic you are much more likely to have a girl.

You’ll also find out more about the importance of basal body temperature and how to take it, the facts about cervical mucus, and many more things you, as a woman, need to know about your body to help you conceive.

The timing of your intercourse is vital and this guide will give you a clear picture of how and when to time your intercourse.

Step #2: How to adjust your diet to create the ideal environment for X or Y sperm

You will be able to understand how small changes in your diet, either leaving out foods or adding certain foods will raise the pH or lower it. This is needed in order to increase the probability of you conceiving a certain baby gender.

Step #3: What sex positions influence conception of a boy or girl

You will discover different sexual positions and which ones work the best for conceiving a boy or a girl. The positions are normal ones, very easy to do and comes with sketched graphics for better understanding. You will find out how different positions will help to place the either the "X" or "Y" chromosome sperm in the best position to be fertilize the egg which ultimately determines the sex of the baby.

Additional highlights:

  • How conception works and the factors affecting conception of a baby boy or baby girl

  • Characteristics of X and Y chromosome sperm and how to use this to your advantage to conceive a boy or a girl

  • Information on increasing your fertility

  • Why a woman's pH levels are important and how it affects the sperm

  • Timing of intercourse to increase odds of conceiving a boy or girl

This is not a useless guide with basic content, and in fact this guide will NOT include:

  • complicated, costly medical procedures

  • injections or artificial medical treatments

  • a fictitious method that assures 100% success

  • chinese calendar or astrology charts

  • Drugs to assist with conception and determining the gender of your baby

This is a risk free and natural plan with a 94% success rate of influencing your baby's gender. You can stop wishing and hoping for a boy or a girl and start working on doing things right and get the baby you have always wanted.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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